Board of Assessors

Phyllis Stever - Chair

Eric Hamm

Jean Derderian


Kenneth Holmberg � Asst. Assessor

Town Hall Annex

24 South Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355


Phone:  (978) 544-5814




2nd & 4th Tuesday:  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday:          9:00 AM - Noon

See the Assessors for:

        Questions regarding property valuations

        Tax Abatements

        Tax Exemptions

        Property cards or maps

 Notice of Property Inspections by Assessors Office – FY2016

April 17, 2015

The New Salem Board of Assessors will be conducting property data quality inspections of various properties in New Salem beginning in late April through September of 2015. These inspections will be conducted by Duane Adams, from Mayflower Valuation, and by Kenneth Holmberg, the New Salem Assistant Assessor, both of who who will carry a field ID card and use a personal vehicle Notices are being mailed to all parcels in the areas we plan on inspecting for data quality.

The inspection takes a few minutes generally and includes an exterior inspection and measure of improvements and an interior inspection to verify data such as bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, and square footage of living space.

The inspections are to verify the data on the property record card to ensure your property value will be based on accurate information. In addition to sale inspections and permit inspections, the Assessors are required by the Department of Revenue’s Guidelines for Development of a Minimum Reassessment Program to conduct cyclical inspections on a portion of parcels each fiscal year to meet our state approval requirement to inspect each parcel at least one every nine years.
The staff of the Assessor’s Office also conducts sale and permit inspections throughout town all year long. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation. As always, we appreciate your assistance in ensuring your data is accurate and your value is fair. We encourage you to review your property record card, available in the Assessors Office. Questions may be addressed to 978-544-5814 or

The New Salem Board of Assessors

Phyllis Stever, Chairperson
Eric Hamm, Assessor

If you have any questions about your assessment please direct them to the Board of Assessors.  If you would like any of these forms mailed to you contact the Board of Assessors.  Call 978-544-5814 Wednesdays from 9 till noon to speak to the Assistant Assessor, Kenneth Holmberg. The mailing address for the Board of Assessors is 24 S. Main Street, New Salem, MA 01355. The Board of Assessors meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7PM in the Town Hall Annex at 24 S. Main Street.



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Assessors Mission & Objectives:


The mission of the Assessing Department is to serve the public interest and help assure the financial stability of New Salem by exhibiting the highest level of competence and professionalism.  To this end, the Departmentís staff pledges its efforts toward the accomplishment of four critical objectives:


        Timely tax billing.

        The attainment of tax equity whereby each taxpayer pays only their fair share of the tax burden.

        The maximization of tax base growth revenue.

        The acceptance by the public of the administration of the property and excise tax systems through prompt, courteous, honest and thorough services.