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Town Hall Annex

24 South Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355


Phone:  (978) 544-2731



*Anyone with urgent business should email the clerk and she will respond as soon as possible.



Mondays:        6:00PM - 9:00PM

    Or by appointment

See the Town Clerk for:

        Marriage licenses

        Dog licenses

        Birth/death/marriage certificates

        Business certificates

        Election Information

        Voter Registration

        Absentee Ballots

        Meeting postings

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        General Information

Annual Town Election Results

56/709 voters

7% voter turnout

Selectperson, 3 years

Randy Gordon                 47

Board of Health, 3 years

Jamie Beauchesne           52

Assessor, 3 years

Jean Derderian                 6

Planning Board, 5 years

David Cramer                  52

Planning Board, 4 years (to fill vacancy)

failure to elect

School Committee, 3 years

Alyssa Rulf Fountain          6

School Committee, 2 years (to fill vacancy)

Melissa Burke                  54

Library Trustee, 3 years

Travis Miller                    53

Library Trustee, 2 years (to fill vacancy)

failure to elect


How do I obtain a copy of a Birth or Death Certificate? 

How do I obtain a marriage license?

How do I obtain a Business Certificate?

How do I apply for an absentee ballot?




 Dog License Application

The following town offices are up for election at this year’s annual town election in 2014:

Selectboard 3 year term

Board of Health 3 year term

Assessor 3 year term

Planning Board 5 year term

Planning Board 4 year term (to fill vacancy)

School Committee 3 year term

School Committee 3 year term

School Committee 2 year term (to fill vacancy)

Library Trustee 3 year term

Library Trustee 2 year term (to fill vacancy)

If you are seeking election, nomination papers are available from this office. The required number of signatures to be an official candidate included on the ballot is 20, however it’s always wise to have a few extras should there be difficulty verifying any signatures.

The important dates for this year’s annual election on Monday, May 5th are:

Last day to obtain nomination papers, Friday March 14th,

Last day to submit papers to registrars of voters for certification, Monday, March 17th,

Last day to file nomination papers with town clerk, Monday, March 31st, and

Last day to register to vote, Tuesday, April 15th.

My office hours are Mondays 6-9 PM and by appointment if necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions.

Stacy Senflug

Town Clerk